Wood flooring Befag OAK 3 Strips

Course texture and prominent grain having rather dynamic colors but without harsh color variations, with medullary rays. Only minor flame pattern is permitted.
Befag floors consist of three parts the bottom and middle layer, made of pine forest. The top layer is made of hardwoods, which are available in a variety of colors. Adjustable in atmosphere and space. The top layer consists of 3 sheets.
Dimensions types:
1. Length 2200mm. * Wide192mm. * Thickness 14mm.
2. Length 2200mm. * Wide192mm. * Thickness 13mm.
Packaging / package: 2,534 m²
Plugs: 6 per pack
Weight: 8 kg / m²
Color variety :  Natur, Robust, Rustic.
Smoked oak - Danube oak: Natur, Rustic.
All our standard products come with a 21-year warranty on their structure and a 5-year warranty on the finish, as stated in the warranty card.
-Guarantee certificate
-Certificate of construction
-Certificate of crop cultivation
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