Extewood Decking WPC Hollow HP

Hollow WPC Decking Extewood is a flooring suitable for any exterior layouts: swimming pools, gardens, terraces, verandas .etc.

-wid150mm * len1,55m. * thick25mm
Available colors: 
Dark brown, light brown, dark gray, off-white, reddish tile

Hollow decking extewood HD is  a lightweight flooring, one side is decorated with narrow strips and the other with wider grooves. Both sides provide a sturdy non-slip surface, profiles are easy to clean and its advantage is that the boards do not rot, do not crush, break, twist or distor, do not need  painting, varnishing, protection or any other annual support. Decking Flooring deckplast HD has a much longer lifespan than traditional materials, while ensuring that you will not need to spend time and money to maintain, and it will still look great over the years.