Ravaioli Decking Ipe

The Ipè deck board has a colour that ranges from brown to olive green. It’s the most widely used wood in the Decking industry and can be used for small, medium or large floors, subjected to low or high levels of foot traffic, in private, residential, commercial and public structures alike. Due to its characteristics and properties, it’s also suitable for use as cladding for buildings.
Dimensions types:
1. Thick19mm * wid90mm                4. 20mm * 140mm
2. 25mm * 90mm                              5. 25mm * 140mm
3. 38mm * 90mm                              6. 38mm * 140mm
Ιnstallation methods       
-PO1 Installation with visible screws
-PO2 Installation with symmetrical milling(in types 1,2,3,5,6)
-PO3 installation with concealed milling (in types 2,5)

-PO5 installation with Easyclick system(in type 5)              
-Technical Datasheet